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Choosing eye wear that exude your personality.

Helping you find the perfect frame

Ask your Optician endeavours to provide personalised services of professional optometrists to find you the perfect frame and lens. The aim is to ensure that you are wearing the right choice, because no compromises can be made when your eyesight and eye health is at stake.

Practical and aesthetically appealing

Get your lenses and frames after consulting with a licensed optician because then you can buy practical application lenses, and still turn a few heads with those looks.

We push boundaries to give you the best

We constantly adapt new technologies to serve our customers with passion. We push boundaries, meaning we go the extra mile to cater to what exactly our customers want. We aim to provide excellence in vision.

The right choice for your vision

Choosing the right pair of glasses may feel like a simple task, but it actually is not. It calls for expertise, knowledge and skill. It is important that you are wearing the right choice because nothing can beat the importance of having the perfect eyesight.

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What sets us apart from the rest - Our specialities

A team of professionals dedicated to eye care

Ask Your Optician has an incredible team of thorough professionals consisting of optometrists and opticians who are capable of handling customer requirements, including troubleshooting, brand selection and warranty.

Advise and aftercare

Our job doesn’t end with you buying the right pair of glasses. Our multitude of services include undeterred advice and aftercare through the entire time.

Analyse patient history

Our opticians do not just advise on specs selection and aftercare solutions, we also analyse patient history, provide excellent answers to any eye care doubts that you have and ensure tailor-made solutions to each of our customers.

Customers are a part of our family

Our customers are a part of our family, and through personalised service we ensure the highest standards of eye care. We are ready to go the extra mile, to ensure long-term eye health, and a style that speaks for itself.

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